I’m feeling Twenty-Twoo

Today I turn 22. And I’m really happy to leave 21 behind.

Everyone claims that 21 is the age to be and it’s the best time of life. I found it quite… stressful. My 21st birthday was brilliant, don’t get me wrong. I was whisked off to Bath by my boyfriend. We spent the day discovering the Roman Baths and shopping and the night drinking cocktails and eating a fabulous curry before going to sleep at the Hilton. Couldn’t have been more perfect. But all too soon we had to go back to the final semester at University where special subject assignments clashed with the looming dissertation deadline and our spare time was spent working to save money so that we could afford rent somewhere come July.

I guess being 21 is a turning point age. I graduated university with a First Class History degree, I officially moved in with Ryan and upped sticks to a town 21 miles away from where we met and work and got my first full-time post-uni job. Although everything worked out really well, the worrying was awful. I suffered horrific headaches and stressy meltdowns, panicking that I’d have nowhere to live, no money, no career… the list goes on. That was not so much fun. I wouldn’t change anything, apart from maybe wishing I won the lottery or was magically offered my dream job, it’s not a year I want to relive.

Now it is a new year and a new age. 22 isn’t classed a big birthday, but I’m excited. It’s an adult age. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Yes, I’m still crippled by student overdraft debt that just won’t budge and still trying to figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life, but now that I can work full time I know it will sort itself out. I don’t have to eagerly await the next student loan instalment. There’s a weird sort of freedom in that. I am super confident that this year holds even better, exciting opportunities. Well, at the very least in the first month of 22, I will have completed a Half Marathon (arghhhh!). I may end up crawling round with a time that a baby would be embarrassed about but I WILL get round. And it’s a pretty cool way to start my ‘adult’ life.

Here’s to being 22 – and LOVING it!!!