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KarinaReadsWelcome to my corner of the bookish world. My name is Karina, I am in my roaring twenties & I love to read. KarinaReads was born from my maiden name matching my hobby – while it may no longer be my name, my passion remains the same. Addicted to epic, character-driven fantasies, swoon worthy but feisty romances, fast-paced urban / paranormal worlds and beautiful literary / historical fiction. Preferably with lots of gods, monsters, magic & mischief thrown in for good measure.

And, on occasion, captivating non-fiction à la She Said, Three Women, Becoming & historical biographies.

I also enjoy exploring new places, getting lost in museums & escaping to the countryside. But you’re not really here for that, are you?

If you’d like to chat, please use the form below. Happy reading!

Disclaimer: The books on this site have been paid for by myself or borrowed from the library unless otherwise stated. I will always make it clear if I have received the book for free from the publisher/author in exchange for an honest review. If I really did not like a book it is unlikely that I will write about it.

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