Why Women Read Fiction | Helen Taylor | a review

Why Women Read Fiction | KarinaReads reviewWhy Women Read Fiction: The Stories of Our Lives by Emeritus Professor Helen Taylor seeks to understand why women are the primary readers of fiction, their relationship with novels and how that affects their everyday lives. The answer to these questions is something I would love to learn more about and thus was the impetus for me to pick this up. Unfortunately,  it did not meet my expectations. Before I go into why this wasn’t for me, I’d like to say that this review is very much my own opinion and wouldn’t dream of  stopping others from picking this up for themselves. If you would like to go in blind, don’t read this review. If you would like to know why this didn’t work for me, read on. Just know, this is not a book I would recommend, especially not to keen readers looking for an insightful and balanced look at the reading habits of women. Continue reading “Why Women Read Fiction | Helen Taylor | a review”

She Said | Jodi Kantor & Megan Twohey | a review

She Said - Jodi Kantor & Megan TwoheyShe Said: Breaking the Sexual Harassment Story that Helped Ignite a Movement by New York Times Pulitzer Prize winning journalists Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey probably needs no introduction. However for those who aren’t in the know, She Said recounts in real-time how the reporters came to work on, write and publish their expose on Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein’s sexual misconduct.

It feels wrong to say that I ‘enjoyed’ reading this memoir as the accounts of so many women’s experience of sexual harassment from such a powerful figure are extremely repugnant. Although the content is shocking, the reading experience was enjoyable as the Continue reading “She Said | Jodi Kantor & Megan Twohey | a review”