Pages to Screen | Top 5 Dream TV/Film Adaptations

karina reads, traitor's blade, darkfever, twelve kings, ship of magic, lies of locke lamora I’m currently reading the third and final novel in Deborah Harkness’ All Souls trilogy, The Book of Life, in anticipation for this year’s upcoming tv adaptation. I absolutely adored A Discovery of Witches (book 1) so I’m super keen to see how the show portrays the characters and events. That got me thinking about other fantasy series I would love to see on the big (or little!) screen.

The Lies of Locke Lamora | Scott Lynch
This would make such a good tv show. Intrigue, high stakes and fabulously sarcastic and witty banter? What more could you want in a heist show. There are lots of little heists, mysteries and action sequences that would work really well as individual episodes and a series would also allow a greater exploration of the world and it’s belief systems than a film. I found some of the gods and general world building a little tricky to keep up with when I read the book so I think there is a lot of raw material to work with to set the scene. Visually it would be really interesting as the setting is an alternate Venice, so watching the characters navigate canal systems and imposing buildings would be good fun. Also Locke would be adored by the world. So quick, so sharp, so witty and intelligent. Many would stay for his banter alone.

The Liveship Traders | Robin Hobb
Naturally I was going to include some Hobb. I think the Liveship Traders trilogy would make excellent films. As much as I love Fitz and the Fool, I think their stories are much slower and character focussed which perhaps wouldn’t transfer as well as Liveships. This series has it all, buccaneering pirates, strained family dynamics, tense political climate and, most importantly, all the magic. The defining feature of the ‘liveships’ is their sentience. Made from wizardwood, the figureheads ‘come to life’ after three captains have died on their decks and speak through the carved figureheads. There’s action, heartbreak, dragons and defiance; war, kidnappings, slavery and passion. These films would be epic.

Liveship Traders, Robin Hobb, Karina Reads, Realm of the Elderlings

Darkfever | Karen Marie Moning
A young American searching for her sister’s murderer in Dublin with the help of a mysterious bookshop owner who seems to know a lot about an ancient book her sister described in her last voicemail… Considering all the twists and turns this series takes, the Celtic mythology it delves into and the mysteries that need solving in order for MacKayla to learn why her sister died, I think this would make a great paranormal crime series. Fast paced with a slow burn romance, I could see myself getting addicted to this sort of show.

Traitor’s Blade | Sebastien de Castell
A trio of funny, handsome men on a quest to fulfil their king’s dying request. I can see the films posters in my mind already. Falcio Val Mond, First Cantor of the king’s Greatcoats, has fallen far with his two loyal friends, Brasti and Kest, as the nobility of Tristia disregard all of the old king’s laws and disdain the once powerful Greatcoats. As travelling magistrates and duelists, the Greatcoats were well versed in the laws of the land and excellent fighters. This serves the swashbuckling friends in good stead for their adventures to come. This is another example of laugh out loud funny banter between protagonists that adds a little comedic light to what grows into a very dark series.

Twelve Kings | Bradley P Beaulieu
And lastly, but certainly not least, Twelve Kings would be a fantastic film series. Set in a vast desert with a diverse cast of characters, I would love to see this world brought to life. Another series full of dark and twisty plots that weave together in brutal and shocking ways, Beaulieu writes complex characters that audiences would really root for. The series protagonist, Ceda, is the powerful, badass heroine we need.

Twelve Kings by Bradley P Beaulieu

What are the books/series you would like to see adapted for the big screen? Any actors you dreamcast when you read certain books? Let me know! Happy reading

10 thoughts on “Pages to Screen | Top 5 Dream TV/Film Adaptations

    1. Ooh that’s a good shout! It really would. Now you’ve mentioned it, i *think* i’ve read somewhere it might happen?! That would be so good!

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  1. Ahhh, I loved reading this! I’m not the best at casting but sometimes I see people suggest actors and I’m like ‘YES, they’d be perfect!’.

    I think Liveship could be a great adaptation but I wonder how successful the liveships themselves would be, haha. Although of course CGI and special effects are pretty awesome these days.

    Ooh, I could see myself getting addicted to a Fever TV show too! And the dark Dublin setting would look great on screen. I’ve seen some people suggest Joe Manganiello as Barrons, but I don’t see it. I think it would need to be someone darker and more chiselled in appearance. Hmm.

    I really want to read the Greatcoats series! Everyone says such great things about it and it sounds really fun. 😀

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    1. Thanks! I know what you mean, I’d planned to suggest actors as I wrote but it was taking too long for me to think about it 🙈

      Hmm yes I see what you mean about the Liveships. There’s definitely have to be a big budget to make them look good! Same for the Rainwilders. It would very upsetting if they just looked like people with glitter on their faces… i tried to think about who i’d want as Althea but couldn’t think of anyone who matched. Same for Brashen. I love Brashen. I imagine Kennit a little bit too much like Dustin Hoffman in Hook…🙈

      Ahh okay, yes I can see why people would say Joe Manganiello, but in my head I see him as too short for Barrons. I agree about the chiselledness. He’d be good for Barrons’ mate, i can’t remember his name – the one in the tavern/pub/club thing? Maybe for Barrons someone more like Henry Cavil? He’s said some silly things recently that have put me off him in general but he’s tall and has the cheekbones 😂 but his hair would definitely need to be darker. Ah, Barrons 😍

      Greatcoats is so fun! I really whizzed through the first one as it’s quite short. I didn’t enjoy the second one as much so i haven’t picked up the last two yet. I do own them though so i will have to get back into the swing of it 😂


      1. Hahahaha, it can take a lot of thinking to come up with actors!

        They would need a very big budget! Lots of incredible special effects, otherwise it would just look a bit… sad. 😅 Same, I have no idea who I’d want to play the key characters! Brashen 😭😍 I haven’t seen Dustin Hoffman in Hook! I’ll look it up.

        Oh, I didn’t even think of his height, haha. Hmm, do you mean Ryodan? I could see Joe as a club owner, although for some reason I imagine Ryodan to be blond? I can’t remember if he is described that way in the books! Yes, Henry Cavil has the cheekbones! But he still seems a bit too… friendly for Barrons. 🤔

        Ah, that’s interesting! My library has copies, so I’ll try borrowing the ebooks at some point. 😄

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        1. Definitely! It could be done though. Ahh yes Ryodan. I pictured him blonde too… hmmm. See, so much thought needs to be put in 😂 The vamp in A Discovery of Witches is described similarly to Barrons and the actor they’ve cast for him is definitely not a match! In my mind at least. I hope it won’t distract me too much when i watch 🙈 yes, far too friendly. Tricky tricky!! 😂


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