Bookends | #017

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Another week, another Bookends! Happy reading.

Currently reading:
This year I’m really enjoying picking up nonfiction. I studied history at university so after reading it non-stop for three years, I went the opposite way and only read fiction for a long time after I graduated. It’s slowly been seeping back into my normal reading life andI’m glad. I find it tricky to find nonfiction that I’m interested in/isn’t too dry/dull. At the moment I’m reading Everything I Know About Love by Dolly Alderton. She is an award winning journalist and this is her memoir about love, her career and her friendships. I only started this yesterday so I’m not too far in, but I’m up to her graduating university and starting her Masters degree in London. So far it has mainly been booze, booze, booze. Which is fine, I’m sure a lot of people went through heavy drinking stages as they went to university but it’s a little too much. It did make me feel a bit queasy just reading it so I had to put it down early last night. I’m curious enough to keep going though. I mainly picked it up as I’m interested to read about how young women navigate post-university/early career life and I was hoping it’d give me an insight into a world I know very little about. I haven’t particularly enjoyed the 72 page-alcohol-fest though, so fingers crossed it picks up.

Currently watching:
This week I’ve started watching The Big Bang Theory again from the beginning on Netflix and it’s so much fun. I’d forgotten how much it makes me laugh out loud and it really cheers me up when I get too miserable about the constant heat. I like that they’re nerdy, make learning ‘cool’ and I weirdly relate to them despite not having a physics degree. I too know way too much about DC comics and I get why they all want to dress up as Flash for halloween. It’s just really easy, amusing watching and it makes me happy. Despite the occasional judgey ‘Are You Still Watching’ pop up…

Currently listening to:
To be honest, I’m still binge-listening to The School For Dumb Women podcast – It’s really, really great. I’ve learned so much in such a fun, accessible way. I will feel so lost when I get up to date and have to wait for new episodes to be released. Highly recommend. But I also have an audiobook on the go, I’m listening to Retribution Falls by Chris Wooding. The narration is excellent and although I’m not very far in, the action hasn’t let up. I think the main *big thing* that happens in this novel has just happened – vagueness is intentional, no spoilers here – so I’m keen to keep going to find out what will happen.

Currently loving: 
Iced coffee. In particular, iced flavoured lattes. Which is strange for me as I normally like my coffee strong with only a drop of milk, but for an iced coffee, the extra milk is delicious. I’m still dabbling between vanilla and caramel iced lattes and I’ve been told that Costa offer coconut milk which I am very intrigued about. I wouldn’t need any extra flavours with coconut milk so there’d be less sugar if there is no syrup… My main problem seems to be finding the balance between the sweetness of the flavours as I don’t take sugar or sweeteners with my morning hot coffees. Maybe I should just stick to a plain iced latte – but where’s the fun in that? I’ve only really started drinking coffee this year so it’s still a novelty for me and it genuinely perks me up in the afternoon. I’ve yet to try it with chocolate, I’m not sure I’ll like that blend, but the testing is definitely yum.

Hope you’re all having a great week, see you on the other side!

4 thoughts on “Bookends | #017

  1. Oof, I have a proof copy of Alderton’s book. As someone who doesn’t drink a lot (I don’t really like the taste, although cocktails can be quite nice 😉) I think I’d find the alcohol section you just read annoying to get through, haha.

    I used to enjoy TBBT a lot but I lost interest in the later series! The beginning series were better, from what I remember. Glad you’re enjoying your rewatch though 😄

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m not really into it at all… it has so many great reviews. I’ve put it down for now, i feel like i need to push through because i paid money for the hardback ☹️

      Fair enough! I never watched it when it first came out so i think i saw the later ones first. You’re right though, it’s funnier at the start. The opposite of how i feel with Friends 😂😊


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