Bookends | #016

I started the year with such good intentions to write a post every week summing up what I’ve read/started reading in that week . I’m quite proud with how long I managed to keep up that madness (16 weeks!) but it became tricky to find the time to write up all my opinions, especially when I’d read more than 3 books that week. So, going forward I’m going to try a new format: voila! Each week I’m going to write about what I’m currently reading, watching, listening to and loving. Hopefully it’ll be a lovely blend of weekly books and favourites – & will most often be completely bookish as that is just how I roll – because if you really want to know every book I’ve read, you can check out my reading list, or be my friend on Goodreads. We’ll see how it goes…

Currently Reading

I wanted to get stuck into a good, thick fantasy novel so I picked up Peter V Brett’s The Painted Man, the first book in his Demon Cycle series. It’s one of those books I’ve had on my shelves forever and ever and never quite managed to pick up. I think it’s because it’s got a bit of a crap cover (people on cover are never winners for me) but my goodness: the words! I’m really enjoying it. Brett has masterfully blended pace, characterisation and world building so that there is never a lull yet I still feel like I know the characters inside out. We enter a world where the age of science has passed and every night demons, or ‘corelings’, materialise on the world with the sole purpose of destroying homes, animals, people and nature. They are demons, after all. They are immortal, no one living can remember a time when they could be killed and the only way the human race hasn’t died out is because of wards. Perfectly shaped wards placed on buildings / caves / posts etc.. can repel the demons and stop them from killing you and burning everything. But sometimes, if the ward is damaged/peels off, the demons can breach the protective circle and everyone dies. Until the sun comes up of course, then they go back down to the Core… It’s actually quite a frightening thought and I’m really enjoying reading how these characters have learned to survive and how they react when loved ones are taken. We follow several different protagonists and all have messed up family lives and special talents. I can’t wait to see how they come together (if they even do…!). I think Brett may be a new addition to my favourite author list.

The Painted Man by Peter V Brett, Fantasy, Fiction, Karina Reads

Currently watching:

Turns out we love Shonda Rhimes. After a year of binge-watching the first 12 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy (yes, we still have a few more to go until we’re up to date!) we’ve discovered Scandal. It seems Rhimes can do no wrong. Scandal follows Olivia Pope and Associates as they fight for justice (sometimes) and cover up scandalously deadly secrets (almost always). Oh, and they have extremely tight connections in the White House. It is so addictive. There is so. much. drama. I love it! It’s dark, twisty and sometimes heart-wrenching, although it hasn’t made me cry as much as Grey’s, thankfully. The political spins are really interesting and although it is obviously fictional, I have learned a little more about how American politics works, like the difference between winning the popular vote and who actually gets the Presidency, which is super helpful in this particular moment in history. Recommend if you love American tv drama.

Currently listening to:

I’m currently listening to The School For Dumb Women podcast and it’s brilliant! Hosted by three women, they investigate and discuss topics that we feel like we should know all about, or pretend we know about. It’s made me laugh out loud and I’ve learned so much! Delivered with sass and loads of humour, it’s a great way of learning new things and feeling a little bit less alone in the world.

Currently loving: 

Cold showers and coffee. A bit weird, I know, but hear me out. IT’S TOO HOT. Boo hoo, first world problem I know. We’re currently on week 100 of 30 degree heat and blue skies in the UK and our infrastructure just isn’t made for such consistent heat. Tarmac has melted. Grass is not only yellow, but rotting/turning to sand. Historically, I’ve always been a bit of a heat fiend and I spent many a teenage year outside in the sun trying to bronze my skin, priorities, right?But even I have hit my limit. With no handy outdoor pools to jump into and ice cold drinks on tap and work to go in sensible professional clothing, it is too much. I think I could cope a lot better if it cooled down at night so I could actually sleep. But alas, here in East Anglia all the buildings are built to CONSERVE heat so it’s like an oven. Everywhere. If I sound grumpy, it’s because I am. I need my sleeps, which is where the coffee and cold showers come in.The blissfully cool water brings my core temperature down before bed and the coffee keeps me going at work. If I could find enough ice to sleep in, I would. Here’s hoping the promised storm arrives today so I can catch some well needed zzzzzs.

7 thoughts on “Bookends | #016

  1. I’m so, so intrigued by Brett’s work now! I always see his books in the shops but I’ve never picked one up before. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone really mention his work on bookstagram either.

    If Scandal is on Netflix, maybe I’ll give it a try! Although I’m not sure if my sister has already watched it. We’re caught up with Suits now, so it’s back to waiting each week for the latest episode, along with everyone else, haha.

    And yes, it’s too hot!!! I’m so glad rain is forecast for today, although I really hope it stays dry for my walk home, hahahaha. My sister / I will have to go to the supermarket to do a food shop this evening, and it’s never fun to walk back with all the shopping bags in the rain. 😂

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    1. I am really enjoying the world building and the characters, but the more i read on the more i realise the female representation is poor… there are plenty of them but i’m not sure i’m onboard with how they’re described 🤔 but i will definitely be continuing with the series as the plot is very addictive. & really well written.

      Not sure about Netflix, we watched it on Now TV. Well worth a watch if you can get it 🙂 ahh Suits! The last one i saw was the wedding, are there new ones?! Love Suits.

      Ugh no, i hope you stay dry on your walk home! It’s difficult enough lugging all the food back let alone doing it in the rain. Still hasn’t rained here ☹️ we had dark skies all day and i was *so* sure we’d get some tonight but sadly not. The poor grass!

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      1. Hmm, maybe the representation gets better as the series goes on! I would hope, anyway. 🙈 I do love an addictive plot!

        I will have to look it up! Now you mention it, I think it’s a Sky production, which I guess is why it’s on Now TV. Yes, Suits series 8 is running now! New episodes every Thursday, I think.

        Thankfully it was dry on the walk back! I can hear the rain now though. Rain is good as long as I’m indoors. 😂

        P.S. Sorry if I messed up with commenting on this post! It took me a while to figure out this whole WordPress thing. I had an account already but hadn’t really used it, haha.

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        1. I hope so – it could be worse, there could be no females at all 😂 i have bought the second one so i shall have to see.

          Yeah a lot of the good ones are, i think that’s what persuaded us to get it. That and Game of Thrones 🙈 ooh yay for Suits! Is it still as good without Mike?

          Ah yay, glad you got home dry! Totally agree that it’s better if we’re indoors 😄 perfect reading weather! Still feels super stuffy here so not sure we got much.

          Don’t worry, i don’t think you’ve messed anything up! I find WordPress in general a bit difficult to use 🙈


          1. That’s true! I hope it gets better. 😄

            Maybe one day we’ll try Now TV but Netflix is enough for now, ahaha. And not sure yet – we’ve been watching Queer Eye! I hope it is still good without Mike, although almost every single character annoyed me in Series 7, haha. Donna most of all, which I was surprised by. 😂

            It’s still pretty warm here too, so we did make use of that by going to the park today!

            I wish WordPress was easier to use, haha. It’s not very intuitive at all! 😅

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  2. I’m so, so intrigued by Brett’s work now! I always see his books in the shops but I’ve never picked one up before. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone really mention his work on bookstagram either.

    If Scandal is on Netflix, maybe I’ll give it a try! Although I’m not sure if my sister has already watched it. We’re caught up with Suits now, so it’s back to waiting each week for the latest episode, along with everyone else, haha. Although actually we started Queer Eye today, so maybe we’ll wait for a few more episodes of Suits to be released!

    And yes, it’s too hot!!! I was looking at the forecast for next week 😦 😦 😦


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