Podcasts I’m Loving | July 2018

Podcasts I'm Loving | July 2018 | Karina Reads, bookblog, bokish

I love a good podcast. If I could listen to a new episode of some of my favourites every day, I’d be a very happy lady. Alas, most of these wonderful listening experiences put out new content weekly, fortnightly or some even monthly. Hmm, a great excuse to find more to fill the gaps to be honest… Anyway, here are some of my go-to shows and some I’ve seen on social media that I plan to get to soon.

Book Off! | This is so much fun.This podcasts hosts two authors, usually with new books out soon/just released, and after a discussion about the books/the authors the host invites them to champion their favourite book. Each guest is given 3 minutes in which to pitch why everyone should read their choice and at the end the host choses a winner. It’s quick, great fun and offers plenty of recommendations. My favourite so far has been Kate Mosse Vs S J Parris although I’ve enjoyed all the ones I have listened to.

Tea & Jeopardy | Another super fun podcast! Tea, cake and peril, hosted by authors Emma and Peter Newman this a unique way of interviewing authors, illustrators and all round bookish people. I couldn’t possibly do it justice by describing it here, just please give it a listen. My favourite episodes have included guests Adrian Tchaikovsky, Sebastien de Castell and Gail Carriger.

Book Riot

Book Riot gets a little sub heading as they have a plethora of podcasts online so whatever your genre, they’ve got you covered. I want to mention that it is an American production so bear that in mind, but books are books wherever in the world you live, right? *this is not in any way affiliated with Book Riot, I just love them* In particular I enjoy:

Book Riot – The Podcast | A talkshow discussing what’s new and interesting the world of books and reading. I really like the hosts and it’s a great way to keep up to date with the industry news. They do include stats and stories from the UK and the rest of the world too so it’s a great all rounder. It brightens up my Mondays.

Get Booked |  This one has different hosts and is a reading recommendation show. Everyone is encouraged to write in with their book recommendation questions (I loved LOTR, what can I try next? I need to buy a present for my father in law and he loves military history, what should I get? I’m going on holiday to Peru and I’d like some books recs etc.. etc..). I love this show as I always, always, always come away with a list of books to check out. The variety of the questions and recommendations means I learn about books across the genres that I perhaps wouldn’t have considered before I heard their pitch. They sometimes do theme shows too where they focus on ‘read-alikes’ which are really great too. I’m in awe of their knowledge.

SFF Yeah! |  Now if you’re regular readers of my blog or follow me on social media you’ll know that fantasy is my jam (although I did listen to a sci-fi audiobook the other week – I’m slowly branching out!) This podcast discusses the latest/most interesting news in the sci-fi/fantasy world (including films/tv shows!) and then follows up with some book recommendations for each category.

As I said earlier, they have a whole host of other podcasts too, covering non-fiction, literary fiction, new fiction, YA, Romance, Crime… you can find them all on Itunes/Podcatcher of choice and there’s a handy list here: https://bookriot.com/listen/ 

For a non-bookish, more lifestyle listen, I highly recommend Is It Just Me? hosted by Jo Elvin and James Williams who used to be the editors of Glamour magazine. This is such a feel good podcast – each episode has a new guest and together they debate whether their opinions on a variety of topics are shared by the many or maybe it’s just them. I’m not doing a great job at explaining, but they discuss whether they’re the only ones who still use paper planners, dislike going to weddings, don’t want idle chit chat with neighbours… etc. It makes me feel less alone in my weird and wonderful thoughts and just generally leaves me feeling happy.

On my horizon…

Here are a few I’ve heard great things about but haven’t squeezed in a listen yet but plan to very soon:

The School For Dumb Women | A podcast ‘by dumb women, for dumb women who investigate subjects you’re too proud to admit you know nothing about’. Sounds good!

The History of England | At heart, I am a history nerd. Any podcasts that makes history accessible interests me. Starting way back when, I’m looking forward to a comprehensive tour through history. It also discusses sources and historiography so it should be very informative and enlightening. If you’re into that sort of thing of course.

Stephen Fry Great Leap Years  | I mean, come on. It’s Stephen Fry. I could listen to him all day, he just has one of those voices, doesn’t he?

So that’s it! I really love podcasts, they’re great to listen to on my commute, at work and when doing the good old housework… If you have any favourites that I haven’t listed here, please let me know in the comments!

Until next time, have a good week!

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