5 Fantasy Series I Won’t Finish

5 Fantasy Series I Won’t Finish

The Queen of The Tearling – Erika Johansen

I read the first two a few years ago and found them quite underwhelming. Maybe it was a case of the hype giving me unrealistic expectations but I just wasn’t invested in the story or the characters. I found the protagonist dull and a little too self-obsessed. While I have a vague curiosity about who the mysterious man is/what the past timeline has to do with the ‘present’ one, it’s not enough to persuade me to force my way through the last book. If anyone would like to tell me what happens though, I’d appreciate it 🙂

The Broken Empire – Mark Lawrence

Sadly, I won’t be continuing this series either. Prince of Thorns was okay, again, perhaps it suffered from all the hype, but nothing about it really gripped me. I read it easily and quickly enough but I don’t have much interest in following an abused royal claim his kingdom. There are plenty of those to choose from.

Inheritance Trilogy – NK Jemisin

I still have mixed emotions when I think back to reading the first of this series, The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms. Mostly disappointment, boredom and a little bit of anger. The plot had a lot of potential – a floating city, court politics, captured gods and a potential fight to the death. Alas, the execution of all these ideas let it down. It was largely boring, I couldn’t engage with any of the characters and there were a lot of info-dumps. It was a struggle to get through and it frustrated me. I really wanted to like it but it just made me cross. And that ending??! What??! Argh! No.

Night Huntress – Jeaniene Frost

I do love a bit of paranormal fantasy and the romance aspect is one of the main reasons for that. However, I found the romance in this series too angsty for me. The plot and characters were enjoyable in the first two books but by the end of the second one, I was over the jealousy and angst of the main couple. I read the summaries of the next few instalments and saw that the threat of potential love rivals continues and I just can’t keep reading that. I want to, as I want to see how it all pans out but I can’t bear the relationship drama.

Gentleman Bastard – Scott Lynch

A controversial and perhaps not wholly honest entry. It took me a few attempts, but I did really enjoy the first book, The Lies of Locke Lamora. The world building is extensive and although I regularly lost track of some of the gods/religious beliefs, I still found it great fun. But, alas, I can’t solely read a series for the banter and witty dialogue. The second book wasn’t as strong as the first and I struggled to finish it. It took too long to get going and I just didn’t think the story was as compelling. I hoped the third might be better, so I did start it but it didn’t grip me. I’ve since looked into it and I’m still not too bothered about reading that storyline. It’s a shame as I really love the protagonists and particularly loved their dialogues, laugh out loud funny in parts!, so maybe one day I’ll get back round to them… if i read all the other books in the world…

Honourable mentions:

Valdemar (any of the Valdemar series) by Mercedes Lackey

The Others by Anne Bishop

Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne by Brian Staveley

2 thoughts on “5 Fantasy Series I Won’t Finish

  1. I’ve tried a couple of Mercedes Lackey books and am always a little disappointed that I don’t love them. They’ve usually got great covers! I really want to love them! But nothing much seems to happen in them … 😦
    I’m with you on both Prince of Thorns and Queen of the Tearling too. Too many books and too little time – who knows what we could be missing while we’re finishing them off?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! That’s exactly how I feel, such an epic series that i feel like i should be invested in… so much promise, so little point. Sigh. At least we’re not alone 😂

      Yup, right? I need to remember that when i’m reading actual books too, i’m terrible at dnf-ing! So much precious reading time wasted 🙈

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