January Favourites

Can you believe it? It’s nearly February! So creating this list has surprised me, turns out 2018 is looking like the year I get back into American tv. I’ve always been a binge watcher of great shows but towards the end of last year I cut them out in favour of completing my Goodreads Reading Challenge. However, my lower reading goal has released me from my self-imposed everything-but-reading-ban and I am happier for it! So without further ado…

Grey’s Anatomy 

I know, I know, super late to this one! The benefit of leaving it so late though is that there are soo many episodes to binge! Season 14 is currently ongoing, with new episodes every week, and I’m roughly half way through season 12. Now to be fair, I started this back in August and the only reason I haven’t fully caught up is because I’m an idiot and stopped watching it for a while. That should in no way detract from how amazing this show is. I might be one of my all-time favourites. I love it. I love the characters, I love that it makes me cry, I love Meredith, I love the voice overs. It’s great. I prefer it to House, as medical American dramas go.  I’m sure you’ve all at least heard of it, but if not, it follows Meredith Grey and her fellow surgical interns as they begin their careers at Seattle Grace hospital. It’s worth the hype.


Dynasty is a Netflix Original and there are new episodes released in the UK every Friday. I got sucked into this so quickly! It came up as a recommendation and I am so glad I gave it a go. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s ridiculously cheesy, overly dramatic and unrealistic, but woah that drama is so fun to watch. It follows the Carrington family, an extremely wealthy bunch, as they navigate the tricky waters that come with being greedy, selfish, privileged, rich and hot. There are secrets, lies, betrayals, twists and murder, all in the name of family. It’s wonderful!

The Good Place 

Another Netflix Original – I swear this is not sponsored at all. Now this I heard about on the Book Riot podcast before Christmas. All of season 1 is currently available and there are new episodes of season 2 released weekly every Friday. So we start with Eleanor as she is told that she has died and has made it to ‘the Good Place’. She is told that because of all her good deeds on Earth she has earned the right to stay in her ideal home with a soulmate. It turns out that she has been confused with another Eleanor who happened to die at the same time. Our Eleanor is actually a horrible person and deserved to go to the ‘Bad Place’. She decides to pretend to be ‘good Eleanor’ but when things start to go wrong in this ideal town and no one knows why, Eleanor realises she might be the problem. This is a light-hearted fun sitcom that gives lots of laughs while also making you question your life choices. In a great way! It makes me happy.

Betty Crocker’s Gluten Free Cookie Mix

Woo, we made it through the tv shows! Now this year I’ve stopped eating gluten for various reasons and it has had such a positive affect on my life already and we’re only 29 days in. I can’t say it’s been easy, I am still desperately craving bread and butter (all the heart-eyes), but it has been easier than I imagined. The best find though has been this packet mix. It makes the most delicious gluten free cookies that make me forget about all the chocolate/bread/cake I can no longer eat. Also, I must give a shout out to Tesco Finest Free From Triple Chocolate Cookies. Ugh, they’re so tasty! And made from oats, which I didn’t think I’d like but they’re delicious. (just fyi – I do eat healthy meals, these are treats. It’s alllll about balance :D)

Dorina Basarab Series

So I can’t have a monthly favourites list without including some literature. In January I discovered a new favourite Urban Fantasy series: Dorina Basarab. Written by Karen Chance, this series follows Dorina (you guessed it), a half vampire half human who hunts down and kills rogue Vampires. Her uncle is Dracula. It’s not only great fun, but hugely addictive. I read all three currently released books in this series plus a novella in a week. I am planning on doing a full review of the first book, Midnight’s Daughter, very soon so watch this space. The characters are so complex and intriguing. None of them fall flat and we see the full range of magical beings: trolls, faeries, vampires etc. I absolutely adore all the main characters but Ray in particular is hilarious. He ends up being a reluctant side-kick of sorts and he has some great lines. I actually laughed out loud several times at his quips and I rarely laugh at books. I also particularly enjoyed the tense/awkward father/daughter relationship Dorina has with her dad. They’re both over 500 years old yet they’re so relatable (despite their vampishness). I will definitely be rereading this series, possibly even later this year. I was drawn in by the Romanian history/folklore themes and I’ve been trying to find some non-fiction about Vlad the Impaler and that time period in general but sadly I have been unlucky so far.

So there we have it! What are your January favourites?

2 thoughts on “January Favourites

  1. Grey’s Anatomy! 🙂
    I used to love that show, but bad stuff kept happening to the characters so after that plane incident, I stopped watching.
    Weirdly, I haven’t watched any TV shows so far this year. This Is Us is back on and is a favorite, but I’ll just have to binge on it when I get a chance.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know what you mean! It is is very emotionally draining. Ahh i keep meaning to watch This Is Us! Thanks for the reminder 😀


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