Reasons to love Nevernight

Disclaimer: I won this beautiful proof in a Goodreads giveaway and I am so thankful because just look at it. I am under no obligation to write anything about it but I loved it so much I needed to tell you all. It is by Jay Kristoff and you can find out more about it here

1. Worldbuilding

Kristoff has created such a vibrant and mysterious world and although we got to visit a variety of places I feel like we’ve only just explored the tip of the iceberg. There are three suns that only truly set briefly once every two and a half years – hence the evening hours referred to as ‘nevernight’ – around which entire religions have evolved. Kristoff shows us more of the lands through the characters’ escapades and little asides by the narrator rather than using rambling descriptions. Which brings me swiftly to the…

2. Narration

The story is narrated by an as yet unknown being that starts the story by promising to tell the whole truth and not gloss over any gross parts – which definitely got me intrigued! Throughout the book there are footnotes which are hilariously witty and go into more detail about the origin of the specific word/history of the people/world etc… It’s an unusual way of adding extra layers to the narrative and I loved it.

3. Kickass Female Protagonist

Mia is great. She’s tough, clever, funny and determined. She knows what she wants and she’ll do what ever it takes to get it. BUT she also knows her boundaries. She has an admirable moral compass (for an assassin) that she is not willing to waver from and I really liked that aspect of her character. Even the events in her past that haunt her don’t make her any less powerful. Considering all the tragedy she’s suffered she’s developed quite well. However I’m sure a large part of that is thanks to Mister Kindly…

4. Brutality

Nevernight is brutal; so so brutal. People die. People get hurt. There are multiple torture scenes and assassination attempts. There are also some pretty scary monsters that indulgently ravage flesh. I love how really fearing for the characters’ lives affects my reading experience. I was constantly on the edge of my seat.

5. Betrayal

Everyone is ruthless. Trust no one. No. One.

6. Assassins

This was a real selling point for me. Mia is trained by Old Mercurio from the age of ten so she can travel to the Red Church (assassin school to you and me) to gain further training by the masters in order to successfully compete to become one of their Blades (compassionless expert assassins). This is her only ambition as it will enable her to kill the men that ruined her life. Merciless teachers honing the skills of a group of murderous teenagers’ to help them become ultimate killing machines is so fun to read. Each mentor has a different speciality which reminded me that an assassin needs to be proficient at a long, varied list of talents to become deadly – not just great ability with a knife. So. Cool.

7. Fighting

The fight scenes are incredible. It’s true that Mia’s rare ability to manipulate the shadows adds an extra layer to some of these action sequences but even the sword and dagger fights are so absorbing. I often got lost in these scenes and forgot where I was. Uh huh.

8. Mister Kindly

And finally, the witty cat-shaped shadow that accompanies Mia everywhere. Mister Kindly has some of the best lines in the book and his repartee with Mia is excellent. He’s sarcastic, loyal and intelligent; Nevernight just wouldn’t be the same without him.

Oh and just enough smut to make you swoon but not enough to be a main driving force of the story. Beautifully written and ugh, so much love for this book. 

Nevernight comes out 11th August in the UK. Preorder it now so you can read it asap. It’s worth it, I promise. That is, if you like this sort thing 😉

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