A Place For Us by Harriet Evans – A Review

Okay so I’m going to be totally honest with you, I LOVE Harriet Evans novels. I’ve read every single one and they just get better with every re-read. So naturally I began this one with high expectations.  A Place For Us was originally released as an ebook in four parts. I did buy the first one but I much prefer reading actual books so I decided to wait until it was published in full. Each chapter focuses on a different character. I’m pleased this type of narrative is becoming more popular as it gives a fuller insight into each character’s personality and allows easier shifts between time.

Winterfold is an idyllic country house in the town of Winter Stoke, close to Bath. It’s where Martha, the matriarch of the Winter family, has created the perfect family home. The welcoming atmosphere is very important to her as she just wants to have a happy, loving family home where everyone can feel safe and wanted. At the start of the book Martha sends an invitation to her family and friends inviting them to Winterfold to celebrate her eightieth birthday and that there would be an important announcement… As the novel progresses it becomes clear that the perfect family is not so happy, half of them have moved abroad and have their own secrets and the other half are living in denial, pretending that their lives have turned out exactly how they wanted. As they each decide to come back for the party, they realise they’ve been hiding from the truth.

This novel explores the nature of family, how people naturally drift apart as they grow, but ultimately always remember the happy times and how love beats everything, and forgives even the most childish mistakes. Martha and her husband had hidden a terrible secret believing that their family would never understand. This novel proves that with a little love people can forgive anything. Through Daisy, Martha and David’s daughter, Evans’ explores the darker side of sibling rivalry and the human psyche. A little darker than her usual novels, Harriet Evans proves that she can write expertly on a variety of subjects, ranging from post war family breakdowns to modern day Game of Thrones addictions. Her writing style is so easy to read and really sucks you in. It’s so nice to have an author you can rely on to write excellent stand alone novels again and again. Getting addicted to a series is always fun but if you need a great novel to sink into, A Place For Us is what you want.

Find your next Harriet Evans novel here. They’re all great but I recommend I Remember You, Going Home and Happily Ever After. 

3 thoughts on “A Place For Us by Harriet Evans – A Review

    1. Thanks! It’s 8th March…getting close now! Wish i was a lot fitter than i am but i’m getting there. I did! It was really good, very impressed that they held their own. Especially when City, Chelsea and Spurs all got knocked out.

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