Start The Year Organised

Hello Monday, it’s been a while…

The first day back at work after the Christmas break is always a hard one, some of you may have even had to work in between the holidays! Whether you’ve already been back a few days or like me, today is the first, it always helps to be organised.

Calendars, diaries, notebooks

– Before properly moving in with my other half and starting a full time job I have never really found a use for the above. (Except notebooks, I have a tonne of these and I order them… so pretty! ) My schedule was always dictated by University or school, my work rota always typed into my Reminders app on my iPhone. However, this year, they’ve all been invaluable. A good monthly calendar displayed somewhere in your home/room is a great way to see at a glance what’s going on. Start your year by getting one and scribbling in birthday’s, trips, events that you already know about, it’s not too late, I bought our super cute Border Terrier one yesterday. I recommend this even if you still are at uni as it’s comforting knowing you won’t forget anything as it’ll be up on your wall reminding you.

Secondly, invest in a good week-view diary. These are so important in getting organised. Here you can fill in more personal reminders like gym, spin class, yoga, doctors etc. You can even count weeks ahead and note a reminder to book said doctors, dentist, hairdresser appointments so you don’t forget then realise you booked that day off work for nothing as all their slots were full. (I’ve been there, not good!) This is also quite cathartic as it is one less thing you have to remember. Especially for things like hairdresser/beauty/sport appointments that you don’t necessarily book the last time you were there. Even notes reminding you to post a birthday card a few days before the big day are helpful and avoid the guilty rush to the post office the day after  your friend’s birthday. Not cool. Also, the note section at the back is a BRILLIANT place for lists… I’m a massive list person, i hate having lots to remember and it stresses me out knowing I have to do this, get that, buy this etc and I’ve only just realised if I write them all out at the back of my diary, I won’t lose them! They’ll always be in my bag.

No more going to the supermarket only to find you’ve lost your list of superfoods and smoothies you needed and resort to buying anything and everything that appeals to you…

Notebooks are a no brainer. I’ve always loved them and have a rather large number dotted around my house, empty and crisp. I never like using them as I felt I ruined them with my scratty writing but now I’m all for using them. I use one to jot down blog ideas, even if I don’t use most of them, or book reviews while I’m reading said book so I don’t forget. I have another that I use as a journal. This is an idea I have only recently decided is a good one. It’s not a teenage-esque diary detailing how much I love so and so and hate … it’s just a great place to vent all my feelings and plans and hopes and dreams. Sometimes it’s just nice to write things down. By crafting sentences out of your thoughts it forces you to think more about what you mean and how you feel. It’s great to have a private place where you can rant and rave or reflect and ponder, safe in the knowledge that only you will read it. Maybe someday you’ll look back and think, huh, I really shouldn’t have got so stressed about that, it all worked out.


– Forget Spring for your next big clear out, start now, later, this week! January is the perfect month for de-cluttering and getting yourself back on track. Not only does it feel like you’ve actually achieved something it helps your clarity – clean room clean mind and all that jazz. Books, DVDs, CDs, games, clothes, anything you don’t need anymore, pack up and take to the charity shop. If your clothes aren’t taken, there are clothes banks in most town car parks or supermarkets. You’re bound to buy new clothes, books etc throughout the year and now not only will you have the room, but you’ll feel better after giving something back for charity and actively doing something productive. Win win.

Set Goals

– This is completely different to new year resolutions. Setting achievable goals in your work and personal life at the start of the year is a great way for you to track your progress. For example, if you know you want to save money, you can decide to put away a set amount of money each month. If you want a career change, you can start brainstorming about what you want to do, what qualifications you need, where you’ll have to live etc…

Setting goals makes you think about what you really want to achieve and what’s important to you, whether it’s going on a fabulous holiday, saving for a house, getting that all important promotion and or nailing an interview for your dream job. Make this YOUR year.

Also, by writing all these goals in your diary/calendar, physically writing it down, makes you more accountable. By simply writing things down it helps you track your progress and also remind you of how far you’ve come.

Here’s to 2015, the year I actually stick to my plans. (hopefully!)

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