So… I’m running a Half Marathon for Cancer Research UK

Now that the festive period is officially over (boo!) I’m kick-starting my year with half marathon training. This may seem like a crazy new year resolution, but it really isn’t. I’m running the full 13 miles (21 km) to raise money for Cancer Research UK. The charity does an amazing job funding critical research into curing and preventing the rise of this awful disease.

Since meeting my boyfriend back in 2011, we’ve always said we’d like to do whatever we could to help their mission. I have never been a runner, I was part of the netball, hockey and rounders teams at school, but running never seemed to factor in, so this is a huge challenge for me. Running had always been the plan but we had been thinking more along 5k race line yet when we saw the Cambridge Half Marathon we thought it was a better challenge; 5k seemed too achievable. Although right now it seems a mammoth distance, especially for a beginner like me (I’m slightly terrified), at least it is something I will have to work for. I don’t want to do something easy, that seems to defeat the point of sponsorship. By signing up through CRUK I have pledged to raise £300, that seems like a lot right now but i’m hoping to get as much as possible for such a great cause.

If any of you would like to help me on my way to achieving this, any donation would be greatly, greatly appreciated. £1 would be fantastic. You can donate by following my sponsor link on the right side of my homepage or by following this link. Clicking the Gift Aid option and filling in your postcode allows an extra 25p for every pound donated without any extra cost to you.

Unfortunately, since leaving Secondary school all those years ago I haven’t been part of any sports teams so my fitness level is at an all time low. I’m the heaviest i’ve ever been and probably quite unhealthy. Thankfully, I plan to change that this year and become fit and healthy and happy. Luckily, this training will help exponentially! See, life is already coming together and it’s only the 2nd of January. To help me along my way, and help me feel a little less embarrassed by my less than lean body I have purchased an essential: running leggings!

All the snazzy running socks were Christmas pressies which I am very thankful for. From my intermittent pre-Christmas training, one thing i definitely learned was that using regular socks = blisters galore. No fun.

I tried these bright leggings from M&S today on a long walk around a local nature reserve and they were fab. Leaps and bounds away from the awkwardly see-through Primark leggings I was using…

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